Building for Severe Mental Disorders in Martí i Julià Hospital Park

Photo © Pinearq
Photo © Pinearq
Photo © Pinearq
Avda. Doctor Castany, 90, 17190 Salt
Alberto de Pineda, Manuel Brullet, Alfonso de Luna, Albert Vitaller, M. Àngels Manchado, Anna Fabregas

Martí i Julià Hospital Park in Salt consists of sanitary buildings and a public urban park. The building for severe mental disorders is the first of the complex and the closest to the old building on the site. This building forms an L and sets around a patio that embraces the communal activities.

To integrate the structure into the natural and the built environments, and to favor the therapies for patients, the building has only two floors: the ground floor is directly related to the trees and green areas. The reduced size, the discreet color of the façades, and the regular rhythm of the volumes define a building that is satisfactorily inserted into the environment and that even marks its natural characteristics.

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