Cims de Montjuïc/ Montjuïc Heights. Passeig del Cims/Heights Walk

Foto © Forgas Arquitectes
Foto © Forgas Arquitectes
Foto © Forgas Arquitectes
Foto © Forgas Arquitectes
Forgas Arquitectes

Cims de Montjuïc-Montjuïc Heights is a project and an overall concept of the high part of the mountain, promoting Montjuïc as the central park of Barcelona and connecting the mountain’s heights with the city in three action lines:


  • Building a longitudinal axis, Heights Walk, to connect the Green Acropolis from one end to the other

  • Pacifying the traffic and proposing the accessibility by public transport.

  • Reclaiming the castle and its adjoining spaces for decidedly civic uses, making this castle a powerful centre of activity and completing the sense of the new, central gateway to the mountain


The Heights Walk, based on the existing road and useless spaces, is a levelled path with gentle slopes and soft stairs for pedestrians. It generates new leisure areas turning the entire heights in a pacified green area, taking the existing vegetation as the starting point.


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