Public Service Center

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Gulou District, Xuzhou

Xuzhou Gulou Public Service Centre is located close to the old Yellow River course on Zhongshan Bei Road near to the heart of the city. The site is close to square-shaped and limited to a height of 24 metres due to urban planning requirements. We first determined the maximum volume in the space and using a "Volume Reduction" research strategy chose a U-shaped model proposal. The two-plated office buildings are installed two parallel blocks. The office building faces towards the east and west. A shared garden will be interted in the centre.

The original concept centres on "Windows of Gulou", and is designed to embody the open shape of government buildings and their open ideals. As the window to the world, the building satisfies the requirements of a public service centre; an inside courtyard, enclosed space, which through unique windows introduces natural wind and rain. A 3D landscape garden can ease the work pressure of the modern city's rhythm. Simultaneously, the overall transformation of the public service centre and the regeneration of this public debate, promotes and improves the quality of the environment and hence improves the image of the city.

The office building area applied a 5.6 x 5.6 m column axis, fully considering the economics of underground garage parking. The office area makes use of an open plan form. The area is divided into 1.4 m standard office modules which allow the basic requirements to be flexibly integrated into the area. The facade design centres on an "Open-Window" concept forming rich layers, composed with a graphic modelling system. This comprises a double layer systema with the transparent light-gray perforated metal and the isolation glass. A balcony, greenery and the outside air-conditioning unit are installed in the inter-layering ofthe outer skin and the inner wall. The facade facing to the inner garden uses the screenprinting glass with the bamboo motivtion, the light sun-shutter window blinder in-between.

In addition, working within the confines of the local conditions, we have installed the maximum amount of greenery, water features and introduced a 3D landscape garden and scenic office design concept. The garden and water on the ground floor features acts as a public activity area, modulating the micro-climate, reflecting sunlight and improving the first floor lighting conditions.

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