Francis Alberto, Almonte Carrasco

CO- Building Communities


Intergenerational Cooperative Residential Centre: cohousing, coliving, coworking The project studies the new ways of living, understandi...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

Green Port


Green Port project is part of a research program carried out in the architecture and urbanism studios in Escola d'Arquitectura de Reu...


Urban Plan for Pont Reixat’s Industrial State

Sant Just Desvern

The assignment questions the possibility to reconnect Pont Reixat’s industrial state with the city, through the infrastructure area...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Urban park of Tres Turons hills


This study comes with the urbanistic process of transforming the Tres Turons hills into a park, to make it one of the major parks of Barc...

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