3 apartment renewal

Barcelona, 2020

Refurbishment of three apartments with terraces, using minimum cost construction criteria. With integral renovation of the distribution t...

Liceo Frances Pergola and exterior terrace

Barcelona, 2019

Construction of wooden pergola for sun protection of a summer outdoor dining room.

Wooden efficient singlehouse

Argentona, 2019

Housing Building in existing old Argentona neighbourhood. Contains a 3 floors dwelling and a courtyard. Built entirely in wood with sust...

Julian lopez Flagship Store

Barcelona, 2019

Refurbishment of the new fabrics store ‘Julián López’ in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Cloisters

Barcelona, 2018

Sagrada Familia multi-purpose space. Interior intervention in Gaudi’s Mercè Cloister, Montserrat Cloister and Museum inside the Sagrada F...

Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage

Badalona, 2018

A forefront scientist facility integrated into the natural environment. The building focuses on energy efficiency, environmental sustaina...

Liceo Frances Access


Surroundings and access of the Lycée français school in Barcelona. The commission comes after the unfortunate attacks in Nice. Reflection...

Hostal Ronda

Barcelona, 2017

The project consists in renovating an old guesthouse located in a classic 19thcentury residential building, completely transforming the a...


Calella de Palafrugell, 2015

Refurbishment of a Catalan Architectural Heritage Building. The project transforms the house completely preserving the original atmospher...


Barcelona, 2014

Housing Building. Contains 2 Dwelling, common spaces and a courtyard. Built with sustainability and low cost criteria design.

La vaqueria

Barcelona, 2013

Last Old dairy farm in Barcelona converted in one single house. High standard finishes. In collaboration with Marc Mazeres Architect.


Barcelona, 2012

Refurbishment of an apartment for short stays and terrace renovation. High standard finishes.