sandy brunner Architecture

Auditorium ESB

Barcelona, 2023

This intervention is characterized by providing functionality, light, spatial clarity and rhythim to the existing space. It is a project ...

Artec Studio

Centro Botín

Santander, Spain, 2017

A “ship” anchored in a see of reflections The lighting design creates a relationship at night that links the new building, the sea and t...



Barcelona, 2016

Pavillon espagnol de la Biennale de Venise 2016 (Lion d’Or) Prix Best Projet 2017 Sélectionné Prix Catalunya Construcció 2018 Dans l...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Rehabilitation San Rafael

Barcelona, 2019

The action consists of the restoration and consolidation of the envelope and structure of the old chapel of Sant Rafael. A religious temp...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Rehabilitation of the Vallvidrera Market

Barcelona, 2020

The project includes a complete renovation of the old Vallvidrera market building to turn it into a creative space for exchange between e...

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

Gavà's Unió de Cooperadors Rehabilitation (J.…

Gavà, 2021

The Unió de Cooperadors de Gavà is an emblematic building, witness of a key historical moment, which arose in 1934 from an initiative of ...

Mateo Arquitectura

Toni Catany International Photography Centre

Llucmajor, 2021

In the old town of Llucmajor (Mallorca), occupying part of the house where the photographer Toni Catany was born, we built the Internatio...

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

"La Nau" Industrial Building Renovation for…

Barberà del Vallès, 2020

The "Nau", a young and creative space in Barberà del Vallès, is the result of the internal reform of an industrial warehouse, which has b...

Oliveras Boix Arquitectes

Ateneu de Fabricació de Gràcia

Barcelona, 2018

The aim of the intervention is the integral renovation of an old warehouse located in the old quarter of the Gràcia neighborhood, in Barc...


Centro de las Artes de Verín

Verín, 2018

¿Gran casa o pequeño poblado? El centro de las Artes de Verín proporciona la intimidad de una casa y la heterogeneidad de un poblado. Cad...


Coslada Municipal Library

Coslada, 2013

This library is located in an urban consolidated area to the east of Madrid. The programme density meant that it had to be a compact volu...

Marcela Grassi Photography

Aula K


BCQ arquitectura barcelona

Can Clariana Cultural Community Center

Barcelona, 2017

The new community center was a medium sized old theater, within the Association of neighbors of the Congrés-Indians neighborhood faciliti...

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

AULA K. Timber modular classroom for…

Santa Coloma de Gramenet , 2018

First talks of teachers to their disciples were made under the shelter of a tree. Thus, the tree was the first school, the first classroo...

Mario Corea Arquitectura

Matadepera Multifunctional Community, Sports &…


The program called for a cultural and sports center for the town of Matadepera, a mostly residential area that has quite a vibrant commun...

Mario Corea Arquitectura

Convention & Sports Center

Tortosa, 2007

Located on a site along the Ebre River in an area undergoing urban development, this multifunctional building is the venue for trade fair...

D’Aura Arquitectura

Ca La Mina Civic Center

Montcada i Reixac, 2012

Enlargement of an existing civic centre, part of the public park “Parc de les Aigües”.  

onl, arquitectura

Renovation works at the Social Center Mirasol

Sant Cugat del Vallès,Barcelona, 2008

The existing Social Center expands with a third new volume located at the south area of the building complex. This new wing redefines two...

Enric Sòria / J.I. Quintana Arquitectes

Born Centro Cultural

Barcelona, 2012

El antiguo mercado del Born, con un yacimiento arqueológico emergido en toda la extensión de su subsuelo, se ha restaurado ...

Forgas Arquitectes

Rehabilitation of Kursaal Theatre

Manresa, Barcelona, 2007

The old Kursaal Theatre of Manresa was inaugurated in 1927 working first as a theatre and later as a cinema until 1988, when it closed.

Capella Garcia Arquitectura

Espai Ridaura

Santa Cristina d'Aro, Girona, 2011

LANDSCAPE CURTAIN – Santa Cristina d’Aro is a pretty village close to the Costa Brava, which still retains its rural charm. I...

Brullet de Luna

Ateneu Barcelona and Jujol Library Restoration

Barcelona, 2005

Brullet de Luna

Cèntric Cultural Center

Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), 2010

Ruisánchez Arquitectes

Sagrada Familia Library and Cultural Centre

Barcelona, 2007

The Sagrada Familia library is a result of the refurbished of an existing unused building within a complex of buildings of public use.

Ruisánchez Arquitectes

'Creation Factory' in the old Fabra & Coats…

Barcelona, 2011

(Project in association with arch. F. Bacardit) The intervention in Fabra & Coats was highly respectful with the exist...

Ruisánchez Arquitectes

Municipal Cultural Facility, main plaza and…

Castellar del Vallès, 2010

(Project in association with: arch. Albert Ibáñez) The Plaza Mayor of Castellar del Valles has served as an operatio...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Architectural rehabilitation of "Centro…

Barcelona, 2012

Dosgeuvearquitectura usually helps manage property and assets of high technical complexity. In the case of the Aragonese Center of Barcel...

Lacomba Setoain Arquitectos Asociados

'Josep Trueta' Center for the Elderly and…

Barcelona, 2011

Work in collaboration with Eduard Bru, architect. The project relies on a double solicitation: the program, and its relati...

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

La Seca

Barcelona, 2011

The Seca was the name of the Royal Mint of the Corona de Aragón. The term "Seca" comes from the Arabic word Sekka, which means "place whe...

Mateo Arquitectura

Film Theatre of Catalonia

Barcelona, 2012

About the form… The ruins mark the structure of the buildings. The Roman forum formalizes the plane of foundations and drains. In ...

Xavier Vancells Arquitectura XVA

Huarte Art Center

Huarte, 2007

We understood the new Art Centre in Huarte as a hub for social activities and exhibitions that can be enlarged, modified or permanently r...

BOPBAA Arquitectura

EL MERCAT DEL BORN Cultural Center

Barcelona, 2007

A SITE IN ANOTHER With the city XVIII "frozen" in his basement, building Born Market is now becoming a luxury cover...

Calderon-Folch Studio

El Roure Community Centre and La Ginesta Library

Begues, 2014

The community centre El Roure and the library La Ginesta are a mix cultural facility which includes a community centre with a multipurpos...

Flores & Prats

Cultural Centre Casal Balaguer

Palma de Mallorca, 2016

The project converts a former Majorcan family home into a public cultural building for the city of Palma. The new program combines spaces...

Bayona Valero Architects Associates

Guinardó Market and complex facilities

Barcelona, 2015

The complex project generate city , spaces to stay and spaces to live. Play of different scales and mixed uses.


La Llotja theatre and conference centre

Lleida, 2010

La Llotja Theatre and Conference Centre is designed as a monolithic volume that emerges from the Spanish earth. By elevating the first fl...

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