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Redevelopment of Catalunya Square

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El Masnou

Roger de Flor Street, the old riverbank, acts as a connection axis between Vallmora Park and the beach. The redevelopment project of this axis is based on the idea of merging these two contexts (sea and mountain) through a draining mixed pavement, large landscaped tree pits and coloured chairs with different inclinations reminiscent of beach hammocks.

The project proposes the recovery for public and recreational use of the residents of a street invaded by cars and garbage collection and an underused square due to its slopes. It is proposed to eliminate all visual and accessibility obstacles (wall that separated the square from the passage of vehicles, sidewalks, stairs,...) preserve and integrate the existing vegetation (banana trees and palmettos) and convert the street into a pedestrian zone integrating the square with a slight curb that saves the existing slopes. It is also recovered the riverside gate that was boarded up and used to protect the adjacent streets from flooding.

The intervention has allowed to recover the crossed visuals between the streets and the square, getting a sense of open space and a naturalized environment. This much friendlier environment has to invite neighbors to occupy and enjoy a public space much more designed for people than for vehicles.

The new trees are proposed as large boxes of resistant plant soil that allows optimal root growth and helps to store rainwater and reduce the flow of water to public networks.

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