sandy brunner Architecture

Auditorium ESB

Barcelona, 2023

This intervention is characterized by providing functionality, light, spatial clarity and rhythim to the existing space. It is a project ...

OVA Studio GmbH

Ascari Circuit Resort

Ronda, 2024

Pastor Vasquez Arquitectos

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

Homenatge als clavells vermells

Girona, 2018

El muntatge es basa en dos conceptes oposats: violència i pau. Varis conflictes històrics en que el poble s’ha contra una forç...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

La Resistència d'una Flor

Girona, 2018

Per molt alta que sigui una barrera, per molt forta que sigui la pressió o per molt adverses que siguin les condicions, una flor trobarà ...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

Geometries Interactives

Vic, 2019

Geometries Interactives, una instal.lació efímera que uneix geometria, música i llum i que fomenta la interacció entre l’espectador i l’o...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas


Alcover, 2022

Origin. From nothing, from emptiness, to the origin of everything we know. The moment when all matter and energy appeared. The beginning,...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas


Palafrugell, 2021

Noodles, a fun installation to welcome spring with open arms, within the Festival Flors i Violes de Palafrugell. A work that invites you...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas


Manresa, 2021

A new version of the SABLIER installation. In this case, in an interior space, the fantastic Gothic room of the Cathedral of Manresa, for...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

Hell, Sweet Hell

Olot, 2019

HELL, SWEET HELL, is an ephemeral work that unites two antagonistic concepts. A gateway to the underworld, an invitation to the visitor t...

SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

Origami Lava

Olot, 2018

ORIGAMI LAVA, a lava mat, a field of flames that lights up in the dark. An expanding layer of incandescent lava. Flames that arise from t...

Mateo Arquitectura

Toni Catany International Photography Centre

Llucmajor, 2021

In the old town of Llucmajor (Mallorca), occupying part of the house where the photographer Toni Catany was born, we built the Internatio...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio


Barcelona, 2018

(IN)Material is a delicate light installation that explores the nature of light as an intangible matter, which reveals its presence and i...

2b architectes

Pavillon Suisse pour l'ARCO

Madrid, 2003

Le Pavillon suisse éphémère pour ARCO s’insère dans le vide atmosphérique de la cour du Conde-Duque à Madrid, et dans le plein dense du c...


“El Greco, Arte y Oficio” Exhibition

Toledo, 2014

Interior Lighting Design for Exhibitio

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

La Seca - 2

Barcelona, 2016

“La Seca” is the name that received the Royal Factory of Currency, Mint, of the Corona d’Aragó in Barcelona, from 1441 to 1849. The f...

Carlos Martinez Architekten

NAVE Schlafhaus, Bregenz/Asturien

Las Aceñas, 1997

Das Schlafhaus Vorbild und Inspiration für das Schlafhaus Nave ist der Hórreo, ein mittels Pfeilern vom Erdboden abgehobenes kleines Gebä...

Oliveras Boix Arquitectes

Photographic studio in Poblenou

Barcelona, 2006

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Susana Solano. Hanging traces.

Madrid, 2013

The exhibition showcases graphic work by sculptor Susana Solano, inserting four wooden volumes into the museum spaces. The dimensions of ...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Religion & Culture

Barcelona, 2014

The exhibition, which exhibits the history of religion in Cataluña and its relationship to language, is shown mainly through docum...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Liceo Opera Barcelona

Barcelona, 2013

The exhibition is part of the institutional events to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the reconstruction of the Gran Teatre del Lice...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Susana Solano Projects

Madrid, 2006

A fragile, white, translucent, almost sacramental envelope is build to receive a number of sturdy and powerful pieces. The reference is c...


MAIO Studio

Barcelona, 2012

The project involves the conversion of a space that formerly housed a washing place into an open studio for professionals from different ...


Exhibition display


The project, first assembled at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, is a modular and reusable display system designed for Massana School of...

Vidal Tomás Arquitectes

Exhibition Mies van der Rohe Award 2015

Barcelona, 2015

The exhibition consists in a dynamic space, where the viewer is encouraged to discover the potential of the lights and the images. The ex...

AV62 arquitectos

Picasso's Late Sculpture: Woman. Museo Picasso

Málaga, 2009

Each year, the Museo Picasso Málaga organises an exhibition focused upon one of the works in the permanent collection. In 2009 the...

AV62 arquitectos

Bulls Museu d'Història

Barcelona, 2002

After the first two exhibitions of the Mediterraneum cycle (Goddesses, Sacred foods), devoted to the two goddesses, terrestrial tectonics...

AV62 arquitectos

Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum Permanent Exhibition

Getaria, 2011

The museum design project positions Balenciaga in the ambit of the great creative figures of the twentieth century, overcoming all hierar...

AV62 arquitectos

Picasso Ceramics a gift of Jaqueline to…

Barcelona, 2012

Jacqueline Roque first met Picasso when she started working in the shop at the Madoura pottery in Vallauris in 1952. The life they shared...

AV62 arquitectos

Spanish Conceptual art in Rafael Tous…

Hospitalet (Barcelona), 2002

The basic idea of ​​the project is to build mounting different areas to house the works of different artists with the independence that e...

AV62 arquitectos

Cristobal Balenciaga Museum

Getaria, 2011

Our involvement with this project came about through winning the open Public Competition for the interior design of the Museo Crist&oacut...

Brullet de Luna

Gaudí Nave Restoration

Mataró (Barcelona), 2008

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Architectural rehabilitation of "Centro…

Barcelona, 2012

Dosgeuvearquitectura usually helps manage property and assets of high technical complexity. In the case of the Aragonese Center of Barcel...

XNF Arquitectes

BCN in progress forum 2004

Barcelona, 2004

The exhibition design is understood as an itinerary along the great operations of Barcelona's urbanistic transformation. They are str...

Xavier Vancells Arquitectura XVA

Huarte Art Center

Huarte, 2007

We understood the new Art Centre in Huarte as a hub for social activities and exhibitions that can be enlarged, modified or permanently r...

BOPBAA Arquitectura

LAUS Awards

Barcelona, 2006

The LAUS night is an exhibition act and delivery of graphic design, advertisement and audiovisual awards that every year is organize...

BOPBAA Arquitectura

"PIXAR. 25 years of animation" exhibition

Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, 2014

We were chosen to develope the famous and succesful exhibition of PIXAR in Spain (Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona), so from the begin...

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