SPG Arquitectura

Instituto Universitario Dexeus

Barcelona, 2007

El proyecto establece un contenedor lineal sobre la calle e incorpora funciones complementarias en el antiguo edificio del Frenopático, c...

SPG Arquitectura

Nuevo Hospital Joan XXIII

Tarragona, 2019 – en curso

El primer parámetro de la propuesta consiste en la construcción perimetral de nuevas edificaciones alrededor del hospital existente - en ...

311 studio

Centro de Salud Mental

Molina de Segura, 2008

Centro de Salud Mental, Unidad de Rehabilitación y Centro de Día Psiquiátrico en Molina de Segura (Murcia)

311 studio

Centro de Salud en Sonseca

Toledo, 2008

Construcción de un nuevo Centro de Salud en Sonseca, Toledo

COMA Arquitectura

Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage

Badalona, 2018

A forefront scientist facility integrated into the natural environment. The building focuses on energy efficiency, environmental sustaina...

CASA SOLO Arquitectos

Hospital Universitario Santa Lucía

Cartagena, 2010

Hospital General con una capacidad máxima de 630 camas. Posee todos los servicios propios de su nivel para el área de salud de Cartagena ...

CASA SOLO Arquitectos

Hospital Los Arcos del Mar Menor

San Javier, 2010

El hospital, con una capacidad máxima de 329 camas, cuenta con dos niveles de acceso separados por una planta, y cuatro plantas de altura...

CASA SOLO Arquitectos

Complejo Hospitalario Universitario A Coruña

A Coruña, 2016

El hospital dispone de 1090 camas. El proyecto corresponde a la Fase 2 del Plan Director, que corresponde a la reforma y ampliación de la...


Pediatric Cancer Center in Sant Joan de Déu…

Esplugues de Llobregat, 2020

The new Paediatric Cancer Center in Sant Joan de Déu hospital is set at the northwest border of the city, on one of the main arterial roa...


Hospital del Mar Bg. I Phase III

Barcelona, 2017

The new hospital building completes the west façade of the health macro-block of Hospital del Mar and opens towards the Barceloneta park....

Mario Corea Arquitectura

Santa Eulalia Primary Healthcare Center

Santa Eulalia del Río, 2000

Located in a residential area undergoing development on the outskirts of the town, the design proposal was based on reducing the visual i...

Mario Corea Arquitectura

Mateu Orfila General Hospital

Mahón, Menorca, 2006

Another example of the investigation into horizontal modular systems, the concept for the new general hospital on the island of Menorca w...

Comas-Pont Arquitectes

Psychological Medical Center

VIC, Barcelona, 2016

All the rehabilitation services for people with mental illness are grouped in this building composed by the repetition of a 6m wide spati...


Residence for the Elderly in Vilanova i la…

Vilanova i la Geltrú , 2011

The project articulates a residential area with a day centre for the elderly. The building is arranged at different heights around a land...


Building for Severe Mental Disorders in Martí i…

Salt, 2003

Martí i Julià Hospital Park in Salt consists of sanitary buildings and a public urban park. The building for severe mental disorders is t...


Santa Caterina Hospital in Martí i Julià…

Salt, 2005

The Santa Caterina hospital is the second phase of the Martí i Julià hospital park, located in Salt. The existing gardens lead to the des...


Elderly Healthcare Centre in Martí i Julià…

Salt, 2009

This building is the last phase of Salt hospital park, in Girona. It is located in a developing area which is already urbanised, so that ...


Outpatient Building in Hospital del Mar

Barcelona, 1992

Hospital del Mar was designated as the hospital centre for the Olympic Games in 1992; which led to an in-depth modernization of the space...


Cerdanya Hospital

Puigcerdà, 2012

Cerdanya Hospital is located on the north side of Puigcerdà, in a development area. This special geographical location allowed to apply a...


Extension of Bellvitge University Hospital -…

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2015

In this extension’s phase, the emergency and intensive care areas and the surgical block were developed for the hospital’s Bellvitge Camp...


Extension of Bellvitge University Hospital -…

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2006

For more than a decade, different extension and renovation works have been developed at the hospital’s Bellvitge Campus of Universitat de...


QuirónSalud Madrid University Hospital

Pozuelo de Alarcón, 2006

The new hospital is located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, to the west of Madrid, on a corner site bordered by regional highway infrastructures. ...


Barcelona Biomedical Research Park

Barcelona, 2012

This centre is part of the health macro-block of Hospital del Mar, which combines health care, teaching, and research. The challenge is, ...


Doctor Moisès Broggi Hospital

Sant Joan Despí, 2010

The hospital is situated at the western limit of Barcelona, in a consolidation area in Sant Joan Despí tightly connected to its surroundi...


Sant Joan Universitary Hospital

Reus, 2010

The new Sant Joan Universitary Hospital in Reus is conceived as the engine of an expansion zone of the municipality where it has ...

GINA Barcelona Architects

Esperit Sant Hospital

Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 2007

The hospital has 200 beds and 390 parking spaces. The triangular area created by the arrangement of the two blocks is a covered public sp...


Renovation and Extension of Granollers Asylum…

Granollers, 2010

This complex is located in an urban consolidation zone of Granollers, a municipality to the northeast of Barcelona. The action is for ext...


Marina Salud Hospital in Dénia

Dénia, 2012

This hospital has a strategic location for the region: on the outskirts of Denia, on a district road which provides for easy connection t...

Mario Corea Arquitectura

Mollet Del Vallès General Hospital

Mollet del Vallès, 2010

El Hospital General de Mollet sustituye el pequeño hospital municipal situado en el centro de la ciudad y sirve a los 150.000 habi...

SPG Arquitectura

Olot and Garrotxa Region Hospital

Olot, 2014

The proposal is presented as an horizontal and staggered building, adapted to the existing topography and achieving that all levels are i...


Specialised Healthcare Centre

Oviedo, 2010

The building, constructed through a condensed volume defined by its thorough functionality, reconstitutes and enhances its environment th...


Hospital in Cuenca


The hospital appears as a reference image of the landscape as a entire landscape, compact, horizontal and compact base, clean and stacked...


Ernest Lluch Hospital


This project seeks the dissolution of boundaries between interior-exterior space and the transition-overrun margin. It aims to break tens...


Healthcare Centre in Mallorca

Son Servera, 2012

The building that will house the healthcare centre is volumetrically composed of two prisms stacked in a dislocated arrangement, comprisi...


Refurbishment and New Addition of the Hospital…

Salou, 2009

The resolution of this project addresses two basic premises, first resolving the connection between the existing building and the propose...


Healthcare Centre in Amposta

Amposta, 2019

The building features a clean, rectangular volume oriented longitudinally from west to east so that the inside rooms can face south and n...

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