Integral refurbishment of the old town of Banyoles

Sometimes I tell that every project, competition, assignment we do is like a specific exercise of classic gymnastics. This is the reason why in our office we use the word exercise more than project. We say projects or definitely buildings only when they strike a balance with reality and leave the paper. Until then, they are exercises because this way they make possible to develop a parallel activity of personal, intellectual, independent investigation with very peculiar interests, which can later be or not included in the project. We check them continuously. Drawing is the basic element to measure the potential of each proposal. We draw and redraw, again and again, and every new sketch must produce a new possibility, to be formalized in a three-dimensional construction, a model. As far as they create new chances the project will move forward, going to and fro, frantically. This gymnastic exercise gives consistency and lucidity to our work. We verify that every project-exercise should form part of the successive, providing new opportunities. Also the disposition of our desks in the space we work makes the projects mixing and getting “tainted”. This way we confirm that we are always doing the same project.

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