AULA K. Timber modular classroom for environmental education

Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
BCQ arquitectura barcelona
Aula Ambiental Isabel Muñoz. Parc de Can Zam, Carrer Víctor Hugo 70, 08924 Santa Coloma de Gramenet
100 000 - 1 million
AMB Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, Ajuntament de Santa Coloma de Gramenet
David Baena, Toni Casamor, Manel Peribáñez
Constructora de Calaf, SAU
Fustes Borniquel
MEP Building services
AIA Instal•lacions Arquitectòniques

First talks of teachers to their disciples were made under the shelter of a tree. Thus, the tree was the first school, the first classroom. The project consists of the design and construction of a prototype module for environmental education classroom, to be installed in different locations of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area park’s network to host specific activities in favour of biodiversity and the natural environment for school groups and families. It is also designed to be a habitat for local fauna such as birds, insects, bats… It must be an open space to the outside; it is necessary that one can see the trees from the classroom, to perceive the light and feel the climate.

The building is planned as a prefabricated timber modular system, flexible and as economical as possible, capable of responding to the different requirements of each municipality for environmental education. To create flexibility in the design three modules are proposed (service module, classroom module and pergola module), that can be combined by forming different configurations so as to best meet the needs of each site or activity program. The prototype built at Can Zam Park consists of the service and classroom modules. It can be adapted to any location and orientation and has been built with industrialized systems to optimize time and cost. Its construction, with prefabricated wooden modules, is largely carried out in workshop and can be assembled on site in just a few weeks.

The gabled roof slopes inwards allow solar panel installation and rainwater collection. This water, channelled into a well alongside the classroom returns to the underground irrigating the vegetation planted just next to it. Some animals and plants of the park will live thanks to this small pavilion.

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