SP25 ARQUITECTURA / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas
Sala gòtica de la Seu de Manresa, 08240 Manresa
Ajuntament de Manresa

A new version of the SABLIER installation. In this case, in an interior space, the fantastic Gothic room of the Cathedral of Manresa, for Festival Jardins de Llum. The symmetry of the installation also plays with the architecture of the space, giving a series of very interesting reflections. A work, made with Atelier4, initially brought to the Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier 2021 and Gau Zuria Bilbao 2021.

We live in times of transition. Environmental, digital, ecological, social, economic and also architectural. We are in an intermediate state, in which we must become aware of what surrounds us in order to change and improve it.

SABLIER is a manifesto of this transitional state. An invitation to vindicate the need to turn architecture upside down. Turn everything we know upside down, evolve, transform it into something new and better.

The installation shows a house as a basic element of architecture, and simplifies its basic geometry to a minimum. A beautiful structure for its simplicity.
By rhythmically repeating different planes, it is possible to give volume and depth to the piece. In the middle of the house, a small light on, as a symbol of home comfort and hope.

The structure of this house is mirrored, and broadens our view of the facility. The reflection of the house on the mirrors doubles the image, achieving a symmetry that reveals the shape of an hourglass. An element that measures the passage of time, and that makes us aware of the transition process we are going through. In conclusion, a transition is part of an unstoppable evolutionary inertia.

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