Remodelation of Sarajevo Bridge

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

2016 | Selected work 9th Rosa Barba Landscape International Award

Landscape architecture must inspire comfortable feelings to the city.
So the bridge will not only show a new image, the design proposes the inclusion of new materials and a new experience to users. We are interested in what people can do in the bridge: walking, find a neighbor, sit, talk, take refuge under a tree shadow, see the sights ... Going across this bridge will be like breaking through a garden area. To pass under the bridge will feel like crossing a plant-door that, literally, welcomes the city.
The bridge, built for vehicles over the Meridiana Avenue in the eighties, is transformed into a pedestrian bridge. The project is about converting it into a new place, a free space that people from the Old and New Trinity neighborhoods can share. The history of this bridge begins again; how it will be used will show us what this public space can do to improve the life quality in a neighborhood.
The materials used in the design are vines, iron, concrete and light. The bridge incorporates solar energy collection used for lighting at night and the new photocatalytic concrete that reduces pollution and cleans the air of CO2. Ultimately it is proposed that the bridge will become a new gardened civic space equipped with contemporary technology to improve living conditions of the surroundings and minimize (or cancel) consumption, emissions and maintenance costs.

Barcelona City Council, Barcelona d'Infraestructures Municipals BIMSA
MEP Engineering
AIA Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques
Building Contractor
Romero Polo

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