Marcela Grassi Photography

House in Mas-Ram

Badalona, Spain, 1971

The construction of this house consists in two parts, the properly living space where there are the bedrooms, living and dining rooms plu...

311 studio

Rehabilitación Integral c/ Silva 19

Madrid, 2008

Rehabilitación Integral de un Edificio de c/ Silva, 19 en Madrid para Oficinas de Extranjería

311 studio

Oficinas del INE

Logroño, 2008

Adecuación de local para Oficinas del INE en Logroño (La Rioja)

311 studio

Centro de Salud Mental

Molina de Segura, 2008

Centro de Salud Mental, Unidad de Rehabilitación y Centro de Día Psiquiátrico en Molina de Segura (Murcia)

gus wüstemann architects AG


Mallorca, 2019


gus wüstemann architects AG

Can Jungla

Mallorca, 2020


311 studio

Residencia no universitaria para Infantil y…

Ciudad Real, 2009

Nueva Residencia no universitaria para Infantil y Primaria en Almagro, Ciudad Real

311 studio

Centro de Salud en Sonseca

Toledo, 2008

Construcción de un nuevo Centro de Salud en Sonseca, Toledo

311 studio

Edificio de viviendas en Príncipe de Vergara

Madrid, 2019

Sustitución de un edificio de oficinas por uno de uso residencial, con 13 viviendas, local, trasteros y garaje robotizado


House between canopies

Vilablareix, 2020

A two-storey house fit between two canopies. This is the answer to the common conflict between a desire – to enjoy the spatial attributes...



Olot, 2020

With Xevi Rodeja + Clàudia Calvet Three volcanic-stone terraces and rows of plane trees shape one of Olot's best public spaces: the fo...

Met Architektur GmbH

Ferienhaus in Menorca

Menorca, 2004

Der Entwurf basiert auf der Auseinandersetzung mit der populären Architektur Menorcas. Entsprechend der Essenz ortstypischer Häuser zeich...


Light radiator

Banyoles, 2016

AgriEnergia commercial office The electrical company AgriEnergia becomes more approachable to citizens, expressing its proximity, by o...


Two corner bay windows

Olot, 2014

When the house illuminates the street. With Xavier Monteys Roig The city is made up of houses, but we could also say that it is made ...


Golden Cloud

Olot, 2013

Typology of the space: ephemeral urban lighting Light sources used: 14 LED light strips, 5m, 5000ºK, 19,2W/m, 12V Settling in, joini...


Dressing up the square

Olot, 2015

Domesticating the community space The comfort and feeling of public spaces determine how we as citizens use them and make them ours. S...


Rooms, doors and windows

Olot, 2012

Refurbishing a flat in Olot Repairing a house so it's move-in ready Four rooms of similar size, high ceilings, mosaic floors, sunny ga...


Three windows and a staircase

Olot, 2018

A west-facing front with three repeated openings and a low ledge. A staircase with a straight section that faces the middle window. These...


Crossing rooms

Olot, 2014

Creating Non-Hierarchical Spaces Six new openings cut through the load-bearing walls, modifying the layout of the home, guided by the ...

Francesc Rifé Studio

Power Electronics

Llíria, València, 2020

"Going from a monumental space to detailed design.” —Francesc Rifé Against the idea that large spaces are cold, the studio has de...

Francesc Rifé Studio


Grañón, 2020

"There is nothing more gratifying and beautiful than deconstructing a forgotten building to recover the history that underlies it.” –Fra...

311 studio

Acondicionamiento de local para un Consultorio…

Madrid, 2009

Acondicionamiento de un local para Consultorio Ginecológico

311 studio

Vivienda Unifamiliar en Córdoba

Cordoba, 2010

Vivienda Unifamiliar en Córdoba

311 studio

Centro de Salud Mental

Yecla, 2009

Centro de Salud Mental, Unidad de Rehabilitación y Centro de Día Psiquiátrico en Yecla (Murcia)

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Isolutions

Barcelona, 2019

Aligned with the corporate design principles of the Isolutions offices in Switzerland we created together with the clients the interiors ...

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

"La Nau" Industrial Building Renovation for…

Barberà del Vallès, 2020

The "Nau", a young and creative space in Barberà del Vallès, is the result of the internal reform of an industrial warehouse, which has b...

sandy brunner Architecture

Escuela Suiza Barcelona

Barcelona, 2020

Upon returning to school after the Covid Lockdown, the students of the Escuela Suiza Barcelona were surprised with a renewed schoolyard. ...

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

Castle Tower Restoration

Santa Margarida de Montbui, 2020

The Tossa de Montbui castle is located 620 meters above sea level on a hill in the southwest part of the city of Igualada. Since medieval...

311 studio

Centro de Salud T-II en Bailén

Jaén, 2015


Marunys: shell house

Sant Joan les Fonts, 2016

The building, which seems massive, sits atop a headland on the outskirts of town. One could say that the house completes the physiography...


Full moon

Olot, 2016

The sun An outside room extends the residence for a shade-filled home, nestled against the north face of a volcano. The new carved-out r...


Two houses in one

Llagostera, 2018

Single-family home between dividing walls The architectural design for this home between common walls is created in a single storey, m...



Sant Esteve d'en Bas, 2019

Renovation of a village house as an extension of next door Two slabs tie together these two homes – Can Man and Can Central – in the t...



Olot, 2017

Services building in Morrot Sports City A quadrangle, defined by two arcades that open onto football pitches. This is the centre of th...

311 studio

Centro de Salud de Molina de Aragón …

Molina de Aragón, 2008

311 studio

Nuevo I.E.S.O. en Villa de Don Fadrique

Toledo, 2007

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