Viviendas Barco

Madrid, 2021

Edificio residencial de nueva construcción ubicado en la calle Barco en el distrito Centro de Madrid. Cuenta con 16 apartamentos en confi...


Viviendas Ferraz

Madrid, 2022

Edificio residencial de nueva construcción ubicado en la calle Ferraz en el barrio de Argüelles de Madrid. Cuenta con 17 viviendas de alt...


Viviendas Duque de Pastrana

Madrid, 2021

Edificio de uso residencial exento de obra nueva, en un entorno urbano consolidado en el corazón del barrio de Chamartín. Alberga 7 vivie...


60 Balconies Design

Madrid, 2016

60 Balconies Design es un edificio sito en la calle Almirante de Madrid, es un proyecto original de 1890, donde fachada, escalera y patio...


60 Balconies Iconic

Madrid, 2021

60 Balconies Iconic es un edificio destinado a apartamentos turísticos. Se ubica en un inmueble en el centro de Madrid, a sólo unos minut...


60 Balconies Art

Madrid, 2013

60 Balconies Art es un edificio destinado a apartamentos turísticos. Se ubica en un edificio histórico en el barrio más artístico de Madr...


Viviendas Santa Engracia

Madrid, 2023

Obra residencial de reestructuración general, que implica la demolición parcial del edificio existente manteniendo la fachada principal c...

sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment Barceloneta I

Barcelona, 2005

Renovation of a tiny apartment in La Barceloneta. The challenge is to make an habitable flat for one to three people out of 26 m2. All he...

sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment Orient

Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2022

We started with the basis of an old apartment, highly compartmentalized and lacking natural light. The aim was to enhance the quality of ...

SPG Arquitectura

29 Viviendas en Cerdanyola

Cerdanyola, 2017

El planeamiento plantea una ordenación volumétrica específica que recoge la edificabilidad total del ámbito mediante la realización de do...


Viviendas Príncipe de Vergara

Madrid, 2019

Es un edificio de obra nueva residencial para 13 viviendas de alto nivel con garaje robotizado, local comercial y zonas comunes con gimna...


Crossing rooms

Olot, 2014

Creating Non-Hierarchical Spaces Six new openings cut through the load-bearing walls, modifying the layout of the home, guided by the ...

sandy brunner Architecture

Penthouse Sarria

Barcelona, 2023

The penthouse project converts a traditional tightly arranged apartment in a 60’s residential tower in a spacious, generous penthouse whi...



San Augustin , 2019

San Agustin is home to the Proa project, a building with four apartments that Terraza Balear helped to transform into tranquil and elegan...


AM Residences

Barcelona, 2019

Refurbishment of an office building into an apartment residential building, located in the center of the Eixample district in Barcelona, ...

sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment Barceloneta II

Barcelona, 2008

Renovation of a tiny apartment in La Barceloneta. The challenge is to make an habitable flat for one to three people out of 26 m2. All he...


Can Santacilia

Palma de Mallorca, 2022

Can Santacilia is a 3,300 m2 residential project with 15 dwellings and common areas. It is a careful renovation of two buildings located ...


Paseo Mallorca 15

Palma de Mallorca, 2022

In the exceptional and sun-blessed location of Paseo Mallorca, the tree-lines promenade overlooking the Riera water course running throug...

gus wüstemann architects AG

Can Bosc i Platja

Cala Llombards, Mallorca, 2020-2024

The Can Bosc i Platja in Cala Llombards, Mallorca, is a beach house that rises in the midst of a wooded environment. The simple yet strik...

Emiliano López Monica Rivera Arquitectos

Tourist Apartments in Santiago de Compostela


These six tourist apartments (apart-hotel) are the outcome of the careful renovation of a partially listed building dating from 1666 in a...


Europa Tower

Barcelona, 2014

The project develops a residential tower at Plaza de Europa in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat as part of a larger development that...

Oliveras Boix Arquitectes

Renovation of an apartment in Ciutat Vella

Barcelona, 2010

Oliveras Boix Arquitectes

Renovation of an apartment in Ponsich St.

L'hospitalet de Llobregat, 2014

The apartment, a mezzanine of minimum surface (39 m2) built in the 20s, consisted of two small bedrooms, a dining area, a kitchen and a g...


Nova Diagonal Tower

Barcelona, 2007

This project falls under the main Plan for the south elevation of the Avenue Diagonal extension from Les Glòries plaza to ...


A Complex of 459 Social Houses and Offices, UA13

Barcelona, 2011

The 10-storey UA13 development located on Avenida Diagonal, spans across two city blocks, between the streets Calle Fluvià...


Illa del Mar

Barcelona, 2008

The residential development of Illa del Mar, is located at the eastern end of the Diagonal Mar district in Barcelona. It forms pa...


Social Housing for Youth, Encuny 7

Barcelona, 2011

This public housing building for young people is located in the Zona Franca neighbourhood of Barcelona in a former industrial blo...


Cristóbal de Moura Sustainable Building Complex


The project, located in the technological district 22@ in the Eixample Cerdà in Barcelona, is the city's first energet...


Reforma de una vivienda en la calle Mariano Cubí

Barcelona, 2015


40 módulos de descanso para 4 apartamentos…

Barcelona, 2013

The commission was to tranform 4 dwellings of the same building into touristic apartments. The requirement to modify as less as possible ...

MBM Arquitectes

Olympic Village, Port and Litoral Park

Barcelona, 1992

Urban design of an area of 79 Ha for the Olympic Village (2.500 dwellings) of Barcelona 1992. Transformation of the seafront including 10...

MBM Arquitectes

Appartment building "The white Tower"

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. (Barcelona), 2010

The White Tower is a residential building of 19 floors and two basements containing a variety of different homes: single or duplex apartm...

onl, arquitectura

16 Social housing

Granollers, Barcelona, 2007

The architectural strategy used has been to create a building whose exterior is defined by a language that seeks abstraction through colo...

onl, arquitectura

154 Rental social housing and public building

Barcelona, 2013

Five projects for a collection of public use buildings: 154 rental dwellings for young people and senior citizens; a nursery; a community...

onl, arquitectura

60 Dwellings appartment block

Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, 2008

This project arose in answer to the requirements of the basic guidelines established in a specific modification to the local development ...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

CNC residential


The competition expects 27290,31m2 of roofing above gradient in a municipal plot, the facade faces Segre river and the future "Palau...

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