Casas Puerto Rey

Vera, 2022

Proyecto de tres viviendas unifamiliares en hilera, adosadas bajo rasante e independientes sobre rasante en Puerto Rey, en el municipio d...


Casa Conde Orgaz

Madrid, 2022

A partir del estudio del programa de necesidades y de las características del emplazamiento se proyecta una vivienda en forma de L que de...


Vivienda Azalea

Madrid, 2018

Reforma integral de vivienda unifamiliar en Madrid

Agrob Buchtal

Beyond the Family Kin Housing

Madrid, 2023

Innovatives Wohnkonzept für die Zukunft: Ein Mehrgenerationenhaus in Madrid vereint traditionellen Baustil mit moderner VHF Keramikfassad...

sandy brunner Architecture

Penthouse Sarrià Terrace

Barcelona, 2022

Two big private terraces complement the penthouse in the outdoor space. The first level linked to a party kitchen with a bar counter is u...

Mateo Arquitectura

MK Residence

Mallorca, 2023

The visual connection with an exceptional landscape (sea, mountains, land), which also varies as you rise in height, has been a central a...




Neubau EFH Spanien

cruu architecture – mehwald + geitlinger

casa L

Lajares, 2024

Neubau eines Einfamilienhauses in Lajares (Fuerteventura) Das Gebäude wird als Massivbau in Stahlbetonskelettbauweise erstellt.

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Terrace Isolutions

Barcelona, 2023

In line with the character of the offices and aligned with the values pursued by the company, the aim was to design a vibrant, modern, an...

Arckeo + FFA Ferrara Fulfaro Architettura

Casa 1 – Formentera

Formentera, 2023

Un terreno domina a valle il mare, un leggero declivio ha permesso di adagiare dolcemente la villa sfruttando la pendenza del terreno. La...

Comas-Pont Arquitectes

Escalera Umbral

Ribes de Freser, 2020

Connect the house with the lower floor, that was the initial corder. We placed the staircase outside the house, open to the landscape vi...


Monestir 10

Barcelona, n/a

In Monestir 10, the beauty of a historic exclusive building in Barcelona can be found in abundance. A building with 4 floors that now, th...

Gabriel Montañés Studio


Menorca, 2018

We received an assignment that is every architect firm’s dream: a large frontline plot with a gentle gradient facing south and following ...


Villa auf den Balearen

Balearen, 2025

Exclusive Luxusvilla

Roman Izquierdo Bouldstridge

Costa Brava House

Girona, 2019

This garden apartment is located in a Begur urbanization at the Costa Brava coast. The project presents the opportunity to reinterpret th...

Marcela Grassi Photography

House in Mas-Ram

Badalona, Spain, 1971

The construction of this house consists in two parts, the properly living space where there are the bedrooms, living and dining rooms plu...

gus wüstemann architects AG


Mallorca, 2020-2024


gus wüstemann architects AG

Can Jungla

Mallorca, 2020



House between canopies

Vilablareix, 2020

A two-storey house fit between two canopies. This is the answer to the common conflict between a desire – to enjoy the spatial attributes...

Met Architektur GmbH

Ferienhaus in Menorca

Menorca, 2004

Der Entwurf basiert auf der Auseinandersetzung mit der populären Architektur Menorcas. Entsprechend der Essenz ortstypischer Häuser zeich...


Rooms, doors and windows

Olot, 2012

Refurbishing a flat in Olot Repairing a house so it's move-in ready Four rooms of similar size, high ceilings, mosaic floors, sunny ga...


Three windows and a staircase

Olot, 2018

A west-facing front with three repeated openings and a low ledge. A staircase with a straight section that faces the middle window. These...


Casa Córdoba

Cordoba, 2010

Vivienda Unifamiliar en Córdoba


Marunys: shell house

Sant Joan les Fonts, 2016

The building, which seems massive, sits atop a headland on the outskirts of town. One could say that the house completes the physiography...


Full moon

Olot, 2016

The sun An outside room extends the residence for a shade-filled home, nestled against the north face of a volcano. The new carved-out r...


Two houses in one

Llagostera, 2018

Single-family home between dividing walls The architectural design for this home between common walls is created in a single storey, m...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio

Son Vida House

Islas Baleares, 2018

Luxury residential project, three levels with exterior areas and landscape design.

Cierto Estudio

Ca l'Ocell, casa unifamiliar en Maón

Maón, 2020

Diseño y construcción de una vivienda unifamiliar en Maón.

sandy brunner Architecture

House Txell

Martorelles, 2020

On a narrow plot with a slight slope towards the south, we propose the project of a courtyard house, a very common typology in the medite...

Marion Regitko Architects

Villa K.

Mijas, 2020

Design approach The design has been a collaboration between Marion Regitko Architects and UK based designers Soo Wilkinson & John Gra...

COMA Arquitectura

Wooden efficient singlehouse

Argentona, 2019

Housing Building in existing old Argentona neighbourhood. Contains a 3 floors dwelling and a courtyard. Built entirely in wood with sust...

COMA Arquitectura


Calella de Palafrugell, 2015

Refurbishment of a Catalan Architectural Heritage Building. The project transforms the house completely preserving the original atmospher...

COMA Arquitectura

La vaqueria

Barcelona, 2013

Last Old dairy farm in Barcelona converted in one single house. High standard finishes. In collaboration with Marc Mazeres Architect.


Minotti Showvilla

Cap Adriano , 2018

Like a pearl in an oyster, Minotti Showvilla enjoys the exclusivity of the affluent residential development in one of the most desirable ...


Paseo Maritimo

Palma de Mallorca , 2017

Terraza Balear’s signature is large properties on dream locations, and we brought those grounding philosophies to this downtown apartment...


Son Paraiba

Son Vida, 2017

Located in Son Vida, the Son Paraiba project allowed us to transform a 900-square-meter private family home, designed by architecture fir...

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