Discovery of three Roman industrial furnaces

Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona
Drawing © Toni Gironès
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Toni Gironès
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
Estudi D'Arquitectura Toni Gironès
08339 Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona

The Archaeological site presents the remains of three Roman combustion chambers (ceramic firing furnaces) within the new Fornaca park .The project’s aim was to keep the remains underground, as they have been for many centuries, they are only symbolically linked to the present through the natural light intake that they receive through the perforated roof which becomes the principal facade interacting with the park. The visitor gains access through a section in the ground on the lower level to the new space where only the minimum spatial and temporal references are preserved to contemplate the remains. In essence the visitor goes almost blind, enhancing his other senses thanks to the smells, the temperature, the silence...

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