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Moneo Brock is an international architectural, planning and design firm of versatile professionals committed to the identification and implementation of sustainable solutions, with great faith in the promise of good design.

We begin our work with a rigorous analysis of the functional requirements of the project in question, setting high standards for the optimization of resources. Convinced that a fundamental concept must be elaborated for each project, we design specifically architectural solutions wherein linguistic and spatial structures harmonize in a coherent whole.

When working in cities, we count as the projects’ first task the repair or enhancement of the existing urban context and the enlivening of bordering streets. We give great importance to urban design and to the creation of public space as a social good.

When working outside the city, we design our interventions to protect and preserve the natural beauty that we find; the new, constructed landscape is designed to flow from our projects and connect holistically to the surrounding terrain.

Each project’s local climate is analyzed in detail so that energy efficiency can be assured, and the social and economic context is thoughtfully reviewed so that all conditions for true sustainability can be met. Finally, the construction details and the selection of materials are always rigorously controlled in order to be in concordance with the project’s fundamental concept.

We are sensitive to the synergies that emerge in collaborative processes, viewing teamwork as fundamental to the creation of great work. We have extensive experience collaborating with large teams of engineers, consultants and specialists in the production and coordination of architectural projects, from conceptualization through construction completion. We have completed projects of varying scales, both public and private, and our work has been widely published in international media.

We view each job as an opportunity to create a unique structure that can transform a part of the world, no matter the scale.

Moneo Brock has broad experience working on a variety project types, including:
• Museums
• Educational Buildings and Campuses
• Urban Infrastructure
• Religious Architecture
• Hospitality and Wellness Architecture and Design
• Rehabilitation of Historic Structures
• Interior Design

We are an ISO9001:2008 certified business with Lloyds Register.

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