Intermodal Hub Station of Chaumont station in Champagne


With more than 25 years’ experience in urban design and organization as well as problem solving in urban mobility, the architecture and urban design firm Bruno Remoué & Associats based in Barcelona, provides advice, studies and solutions in urban design and mobility.

BR&A provides solutions in strategic projects, of various scales, in urban projects at the service of sustainable mobility in the following key areas:

• Urban renewal around train stations

• Interchange stations integrating whole modes

• Urban insertion of mass transit systems

• Urban planning

BR&A has more than 200 references in 15 countries, in areas as town planning, operational studies and realization of projects. BR&A has a wide sphere of action mainly in France (in more than 80 cities, including Reunion Island) and Spain but in all the following countries: England, Italy, Morocco, Senegal, Lebanon, Panama, Vietnam, Greece, Gabon, Jersey, Saint Lucia, Kenya and Australia.

BR&A employs architects, urban planners and designers, of mixed nationalities. Its great knowledge in the field of urban motility and its large experiences allow BR&A to offer a link between the functional issues and the urban form, giving an answer to the various needs of each project.

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