La Maquinista

Barcelona, 2000

Shopping centre built on an old factory lot in an area of the city historically isolated by the infrastructure and lack of planni...

Erika Mazza | Roberto Bonutto - YTAA Shortlist

Vallecas 2048


Scenarios for the regeneration of a suburb in Madrid "This project is part of the collective research &q...


Scientific Technological Agroalimentary Park…

Lleida, 2009

The architectural proposal consists in refurbishing the H buildings (ancien barracks in the city of Lleida) and in reconvert then...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Cieza Urban Renovation


We have come across a city edge which has no relationship with the natural environment which surrounds it. El Paseo de Ronda surrounds th...

La Invisible

Lighting Master Plan Barcelona

Barcelona, 2012

The Invisible leads a team of planners, engineers and a lighting departament. All together have redacted a Lighting Master Plan, which wi...

ERV Arquitectes

Ordenación urbana y urbanización

Lleida, 2008

Proyecto de ensanche de la ciudad de Lleida. Sobre un terreno de 10 Ha. anexo a la ciudad se convocó un concurso para la redacci&o...

ERV Arquitectes

Mejora integral de barrios

Barcelona, 2008

Redacción y Dirección de Planes para la mejora integral de barrios que sufren procesos de degradación física,...

Miralles/Tagliabue - EMBT

Santa Caterina Market and neighborhood: old…

Barcelona, 2005

A competition was opened to restore the Santa Caterina city market located in the old quarter of Barcelona in 1997. EMBT won the bid with...

MBM Arquitectes

University Technocampus

Mataró (Barcelona), 2011

The Tecnocampus of Mataró is a large university complex of 47.418 m2 that combines academic centres, centres for research and know...

MBM Arquitectes

Olympic Village, Port and Litoral Park

Barcelona, 1992

Urban design of an area of 79 Ha for the Olympic Village (2.500 dwellings) of Barcelona 1992. Transformation of the seafront including 10...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

BARCELONA Smart Salty Spicy

Barcelona, 2010

The project was conceived as an opportunity to rethink the city's new strategic extension that connects the maritime existing distric...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

Green Port


Green Port project is part of a research program carried out in the architecture and urbanism studios in Escola d'Arquitectura de Reu...


Urban Plan for Pont Reixat’s Industrial State

Sant Just Desvern

The assignment questions the possibility to reconnect Pont Reixat’s industrial state with the city, through the infrastructure area...

Espinàs i Tarrasó SCP

Badalona Seafront

Badalona, 2012

The new Badalona promenade is designed on the scale of the urban esplanade built on the industrial past of the city, establishing a dialo...

Espinàs i Tarrasó SCP

Barceloneta's Palau-Pla de Correus

Barcelona, 1994

Detailed project and execution for the transformation of the Landscape and the traffic  of a 13 ha area, in between the old harbour ...

Espinàs i Tarrasó SCP

Diagonal Avenue


3 proposals for remodeling the avenue, new tramway line and public space design within a lenght of 3.7km

Espinàs i Tarrasó SCP

Barceloneta Seafront

Barcelona, 2000

Detailed Project and Execution. Remodeling of the existing promenade and opening of the new section of Passeig de l’Escullera (2,2 ...

Lacomba Setoain Arquitectos Asociados

West Strategic Residential Area. Els Erals - El…

Balaguer (Lleida)

Project in collaboration with Eduard Bru, architect. This is an extension to the city of Balaguer. Something more than con...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Metropolitan park of the Glories square

Barcelona, 2013

In the middle of the three major mobility axes of Barcelona, the square is the paradigm of a new centrality, where major infrastructures ...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Urban park of Tres Turons hills


This study comes with the urbanistic process of transforming the Tres Turons hills into a park, to make it one of the major parks of Barc...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Redevelopment design of neglected railway lands…


The implementation of a new civic boulevard, image of summer time eco mobility, allows bringing new life in pedestrian, commercial and cu...

Bayona Valero Architects Associates

Wooden House

Tiana, 2014

Bayona Valero Architects Associates

Guinardó Market and complex facilities

Barcelona, 2015

The complex project generate city , spaces to stay and spaces to live. Play of different scales and mixed uses.

MONOLAB architects

WEBBING - Flow Polis

Agüimes, 2006

WEBBING - FLOWPOLIS © 2006. International design competition. Award: 2nd prize. Client: COAC - Collegio de Arquitectos de Canarias. ...

STAR strategies + architecture

Mirador del Palmeral de Elche


The Design of an Oxymoron. Thousands of words have been written about the influence of the current economic crisis on the ...

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