SPG Arquitectura

Instituto Universitario Dexeus

Barcelona, 2007

El proyecto establece un contenedor lineal sobre la calle e incorpora funciones complementarias en el antiguo edificio del Frenopático, c...

COMA Arquitectura

Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage

Badalona, 2018

A forefront scientist facility integrated into the natural environment. The building focuses on energy efficiency, environmental sustaina...


Renovation of the Maternity Ward in Hospital de…

Barcelona, 2017

This is a project of renovation of equipment and refurbish of internal spaces on the sixth floor of Hospital de Barcelona. The hospital b...


Hospital del Mar Bg. I Phase III

Barcelona, 2017

The new hospital building completes the west façade of the health macro-block of Hospital del Mar and opens towards the Barceloneta park....

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

Primary Healthcare Centre Dr. Josep Masdevall

Figueres, 2018

The building is understood as a “pure box” in which health and sanitary services can be developed. The façades are made of prefaricated w...


Sant Joan Universitary Hospital

Reus, 2010

The new Sant Joan Universitary Hospital in Reus is conceived as the engine of an expansion zone of the municipality where it has ...


Centre for Translational Surgical Research


This building was introduced as a new efficient research facility, a product of the deployment of an optimal, rational, complete and stru...

Brullet de Luna

Martí Julià Healthcare Park- St. Caterina…

Salt (Girona), 2004

Brullet de Luna

Martí Julià Healthcare Park- Psychiatric…

Salt (Girona), 2004

Brullet de Luna

Quiron Hospital

Barcelona, 2007

Brullet de Luna

Moisès Broggi Hospital

Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona), 2010

Brullet de Luna

Cerdanya Hospital

Puigcerdà (Girona), 2012

Brullet de Luna

Health Center Sant Andreu

Barcelona, 2012

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