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The focus of the Project arises from a dual commitment: the will to give a technical answer to a specific context (program needs, budgets, policy, environment…) and the desire to seek beauty trough the built work. This process seeks satisfaction, understood in its fullest sense, of all those actively involved in its development: customers and users in particular, but also collaborators, builders and designers.
During our career can be found very different types of building. There are new-builds, rehabilitations, alterations, housing blocks, public buildings… Works made with high budgets and small budgets, but in all cases great attention has been paid to the economy, without waste. The architecture may be a grand gesture or a great detail, if each brief is seen as an opportunity to realize a good project.
Another feature of the process is continuity. Continuity with an environment that must be respected, spatial continuity, the use of few materials, integration of facilities, of lighting… Are all common aspects in the exhibits. Also, continuity in time is also searched, evaluating the architecture that is able to endure without becoming obsolete.
It emphasizes the use of innovation trough new materials, new technologies which improve people’s lives. Innovation based both on experience and the improvement on tradition.
Accuracy is a key concept in the working method. It requires a focused and attentive activity throughout the whole process, ranging from the initial idea, trough the drafting of the project until its realization: the construction, the furniture, its maintenance…
Dialogue is always present, since the work becomes part of the identity of those who inhabit it. The house and, where appropriate, the work space are an accurate reflection of those who live or work there, an unmistakable expression of their personality or their corporate culture. This dialogue seeks comfort and also utility, examines the conflicts and joys of daily acts of human life, which defines architecture against the other arts. The answer given to these concepts, developed with extremely subjective parameters, characterizes the projects, each of them different from the rest.
And finally, let us consider the team. Excellence is design is based on the integration of a network of professionals that enjoy the pleasure for their work. A team of specialists in the calculation of structures, acoustics, building services, graphic design, interior design, architecture… that produces a shared creative environment capable of generating contagious motivation, taking care of what is in progress and excited about what is to come next.

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