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Arriola & Fiol was founded in Barcelona in 1987 by the two leading architects Carmen Fiol and Andreu Arriola. Both partners bring more than 25 years of experience to their roles in architectural, urban design and landscape architectural projects.

Managing multi-disciplinary project teams and servicing sophisticated clients have been the key to the success of these projects, which have included collaboration with artists Joan Miró, Richard Serra and Beverly Pepper.

The company design team has participated in the transformation of urban sites in Barcelona, as well as a spectacular regeneration of the city itself. In this capacity, they designed and created some of the most memorable contemporary public spaces in Barcelona, varying in scale from sensitive restorations and excavations in the areas of unique historic significance, to projects of a vast scale at the edge of the city, requiring a substantial infrastructural redevelopment as well as architectural and landscape intervention.

Arriola & Fiol projects have been awarded in several international and national competitions, such as the Prince of Wales Prize and the IULA International Urban Landscape Award. Their projects are currently being built in Europe and in North America.

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