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Fotografia © BOPBAA
Fotografia © BOPBAA
Fotografia © BOPBAA
Fotografia © BOPBAA
Fotografia © BOPBAA
Fotografia © BOPBAA
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EL MERCAT DEL BORN Cultural Center

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Plaça Comercial, 12, 08003 Barcelona


With the city XVIII "frozen" in his basement, building Born Market is now becoming a luxury cover a magnificent site. These unusual conditions starting adds that the building is inscribed in a largely urban area that the city remains the site of eighteenth and nineteenth century shows that the market represents so well. I like following this curious chronological sequence, the contemporary city extends to the interior of the building in a horizontal layer, recreating part of the land disappeared, interposing between the cover and Sot, for us to see from this amazing vantage point of a specular effect.

INTERFERENCE understandable

This zero is recovered in the field of public transit, the meetings, the beginning of the visits, the wandering, the exhibitions, the café, bookstore or simple crossing without stopping. The way to understand, therefore, will always be linked to this condition almost urban. This dependency with the public is a way of linking the interior to follow that urban but also how to make explicit what has been designed recently. The language of the new elements that colonize these trays is preceded by the complicity of the street. To put it another way, the new interference in its references are elements that are



The concentration of the innovations in this new level: lobby, gazebo, new exhibition spaces and services has made it possible to see how the site intact.

Partly because the archaeological already interfered enough. The stark foundations, concrete screens, the drains or the same structures of this

new attic extempòries unexpected actions are very powerful. And although the presence of some of these elements are part of a narrative that does not renounce to incorporate museum is also true that the site is already full.

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